Long-Term Housing

Minimum Rental Periods

The minimum rental agreement period is typically 1 year.

Required Documents for Signing a Lease

Typical requirements to sign a rental contract include:

• Valid ID
• Proof of employment
• References
• Active Canadian bank account
• Recent credit report from home country

Standard Security Deposit

The security deposit is equivalent to 1-2 months rent. Where applicable, a pet deposit may be required and may be refundable or non-refundable depending on the province and landlord.

Local Norm for Returning the Security Deposit

The security deposit will be returned upon termination of the lease and completion of a walk through inspection. Any damages incurred will be deducted from the returned security deposit. It may take 14-30 days for the deposit to be returned.

Rental Commission

Should you utilize the services of a real estate agent to help you in your search, agencies usually collect rental commission equal to 1 months’ rent. If the property is listed with a private owner or individual there is no commission paid.

Payment of Rental Commission

The agent’s rental commission is typically paid by the landlord.

Accepted Method of Payment

Cheque is the most common method of payment.


School Registration

School Fees

Public Schooling is provided at no cost to residents residing in the catchment area and that have appropriate immigration documentation.

Private schooling is available in most primary cities at an additional cost which varies from school to school. There are no American schools in Canada however some private schools offer the IB program.

Accepted Method of Payment

Most private schools will accept checks for payment but some will accept wire transfers. Cash payments are uncommon.

Additional Notes

Most public schools will not permit people to tour their facilities unless they are in the process of registering their children at the school in question. In this case, it will be necessary to provide a proof of address.


Obtaining a Driver’s License


Typical documentation required to obtain a driver’s license include:

• Proof of residency
• Appropriate immigration documents
• Copy of home country driver’s license (a translation of the document required if not in English or French. Translation must be completed in Canada by a certified translator).

Additional Notes

A home country driver’s license can be used for first 60-90 days depending on the province.


Opening a Bank Account

Required Documents

In order to open a bank account, you may be asked for:

• Valid passport and work permit
• Home or temporary accommodation address
• Completion of social insurance application

Time Required

The time it takes to open a bank account can vary, however most financial institutions require that you call ahead and set an appointment to open an account.