Expat Neighborhoods

There are no specific expat neighbourhoods, but Gentofte just North of Copenhagen has the most concentrated expat population.

Rental Housing Cost

Rent depends on the type, size, and location of the property:

• 1 bedroom (50-70 sqm): 9,500 – 15,00 DKK/month
• 2 bedroom (80-120 sqm): 12,000-18,000 DKK/month
• 3 bedroom (120-160sqm): 18,000-27,000 DKK/month


• 1 bedroom (50-70sqm): 10,000-13,000 DKK/month
• 2 bedroom (80-120sqm): 12,000-20,000 DKK/month
• 3 bedroom (120-160 sqm): 17,000-25,000 DKK/month
• 4 bedroom (160-200sqm): 25,000-32,000 DKK/month


Local Details


The transport system offers trains, buses, and ferries. Copenhagen is a bicycle-friendly city with an abundance of bicycle paths. Many expats also own personal vehicles.

Fun Facts

The life/work balance is considered very good in Denmark and especially attractive for families. Danes like “hygge” which is creating a cosy atmosphere for yourself or your family or guests.

The humour is full of sarcasm and irony. Double check, when a Dane says something you may find insulting, he may not mean it at all. Danes also play with words.

Local Currency