Long-Term Housing

Minimum Rental Periods

The minimum period for an unfurnished lettings is 3-years if the landlord is an individual. If the landlord is a property company, the minimum tenancy period is 6 years. Furnished lettings have a 1 year minimum tenancy period.

Required Documents for Signing a Lease

Typical documents required to sign a lease are:

• Valid ID (Passport)
• Proof of employment
• Proof of funds (recent pay slips or work contract with salary details)

Standard Security Deposit

The security deposit is equivalent to 1 month’s rent for unfurnished lettings and 2 month’s rent for furnished lettings.

Local Norm for Returning the Security Deposit

The amount of the security deposit to be returned to you at the end of the tenancy is typically 2 months after the walk through date, on the latest.

Rental Commission

Should you choose to utilize the services of a real estate agent to help you in your search, agencies usually charge from 8€ to 15€ per square meter or up to 15% of the annual rent.

Payment of Rental Commission

Payment of the agent’s rental commission is typically split between the tenant and landlord.

Accepted Method of Payment

Wire transfer or check are acceptable methods of payment.


Local Requirements

Residency Requirements

When you move to France you may want or need to establish residency.  Requirements may include:

Non-EU Citizens

• Visa (for non visa-waiver countries)
• Work permit (for select cases)
• Residency permit

It is advisable to connect with a local expert in France to identify any additional requirements and support available to assist in meeting the local requirements.

EU Citizens have the right to live in France so there are no local registration requirements.


Obtaining a Driver’s License


What is required for your application of a French license may vary depending on your situation so check with the prefecture before you go. You may be asked for:

• Original drivers license
• A certificate mentioning the license #, place, date where it was obtained, validity, and absence of cancellation of license obtained in your home country.
• A resident permit, proof of residence in France, and certified translations are to be obtained in France.

Additional Notes

A foreigner can drive on a valid foreign driver’s license for up to 1 year. If your home country does not have a reciprocal arrangement with France you will be required to obtain a French license after 1 year.

It is suggested to source an International Driver’s licence in your home country or obtain translation of your original permit.

The license can either be exchanged or must be retaken in France depending on the country where the first driver’s license was obtained.


Opening a Bank Account

Required Documents

In order to open a bank account in France you will typically be asked for:

• A Valid ID + valid visa if applicable
• Employment certificate
• 3 last pay slips
• Proof of residence in France
• Tax number according to your nationality
• W9 for American citizens or residents in the US

Time Required

Typically your account will be opened the same day as your visit but it may take 7-14 days to receive your banking documents such as debit card and cheque book.
For W9 citizens and depending on the Bank, the account opening may take up to 3 days.

Additional Notes

Many banks offer the option to start the process remotely, but you may be required to visit the branch in person before your account is fully operational.