Long-Term Housing

Minimum Rental Periods

The minimum rental agreement period is typically 1 – 2 years.

Required Documents for Signing a Lease

Typical documents required to sign a lease are:

• Valid passport
• Proof of funds
• Possibly letter of employement

Standard Security Deposit

The security deposit is equivalent to 3 months’ rent.

Local Norm for Returning the Security Deposit

The security deposit is returned after completion of inventory, inspection of outstanding refurbishments, and cleaning.

Outstanding payments for utilities, water, electricity, and repairs will be deducted if necessary.

Return of the deposit can take up to 6 months.

Rental Commission

It is common to utilize the services of a real estate agent to help you in your search. Agencies usually collect rental commission equal to 2 months’ rent + 19% Value-Added Tax.

Payment of Rental Commission

The agent’s rental commission is typically paid by the tenant.

Accepted Method of Payment

Wire transfer is the preferred method of payment.


School Registration

School Fees

Typical school fees include:

• Registration fee
• Tuition fee
• Admission fee
• Application fee

Stately German Schools are free of charge.

Accepted Method of Payment

Bank transfer, standing orders, and direct debit are accepted methods of payment.


Local Requirements

Residency Requirements

When you move to Germany you may want or need to establish residency.  Requirements may include:

Non-EU Citizens

• Register at the local town hall
• Work permit
• Residency permit

EU Citizens will need to register with the local town hall but are not required to apply for a residency permit.


Obtaining a Driver’s License


A German driver’s license needs to be in place after 6 months of living in Germany. A translation is needed straight away. The original driver’s license needs to be older than 6 months to be transferred. Depending on country of the original driver’s license, further requirements may be required, such as:

• Biometrical passport pics
• Eye-test
• First aid course
• Depending on original country (Non EU): practical and theoretical test from official German driving school may also be required.

Additional Notes

An EU driver’s license is valid, however a translation is required. A Non EU foreign license is valid for up to 6 months, after that a German driver’s license needs to be obtained.


Opening a Bank Account

Required Documents

In order to open a bank account, you may be asked for:

• Valid ID
• Registration at place of residence

Time Required

Typically, opening a bank account can be completed same day, however issuing of bank cards may take longer.

Additional Notes

Depending on the bank, credit cards and loans may not be granted immediately.