Expat Neighborhoods

Common expat neighborhoods include:

East Oslo:
• Grønland
• Grünerløkka
• Tøyen
• Tveita
• Grorud
• Stovner
• Hellerud
• Nordstrand
• Sagene
• Ekeberg

West Oslo:
• Marienlyst
• Majorstuen
• Frogner
• Torshov
• Sankt
• Vika
• St. Hanshaugen
• Bislett

Rental Housing Cost

Rent depends on the type, size, and location of the property.

Average Mothly Rent for a Flat:
• 1 Bed: 13,902 KNR
• 2 Bed: 18,013 KNR


Local Details


Public transport is commonly used and offered in all locations of Norway. The public transport options are wide with buses, trains, trams and taxis in larger cities.

Fun Facts

Oslomarka is a forest within the Oslo city limits which is just a 15 minute metro ride from the city center.

The Frogner Park is the world’s largest sculpture park located in Oslo. It has 212 sculptures from only one artist.

Local Currency