San Francisco/Bay Area, CA


Expat Neighborhoods

Common expat neighborhoods include:

• Walnut Creek
• Oakland
• Hayward
• San Jose
• Vallejo
• Novato
• South of Market
• Bernal Heights
• Culver City

Rental Housing Cost

Rental housing cost varies depending on the type, size, and location of the property:

• 1 Bed: 1,650 – 2,445 USD
• 2 Bed: 2,400 – 5,500 USD


Local Details


San Francisco public transport includes train (BART), buses, ferries, taxis, and ride share. Though you can travel around San Francisco easily with public transport, many people own cars. Traffic and parking within the city do pose challenges.

Fun Facts

San Francisco is known to have more dogs than children according to Census and Animal Care and Control department data.

San Francisco has the largest and oldest Japantown in the United States and is only one of three that remain in the US.

Local Currency