Expat Neighborhoods

Common expat neighborhoods include:

• Las Contes (El Golf, Noruega, San Carlos)
• Vitacura (Espoz, Polo, Santa Maria de Manquehue)
• Lo Barnechea (Camino Real, Pie Andino, Los Trapenses, La Dehesa Central)

Rental Housing Cost

Rental housing costs can range from 3000-7500 USD per month.


Local Details


Santiago has an integrated public transport system which consists of a metro, metro-train, buses and taxis. Santiago’s metro lines are the largest in all of South America.

Fun Facts

Santiago is 90 minutes away from world class ski resorts and 90 minutes away from the beach. You can ski in the mountains and have dinner over the ocean in the same day. Vineyards are within Santiago or you can travel to other areas on a wine tour train.

Local Currency