Long-Term Housing

Minimum Rental Periods

The minimum rental agreement period is typically 1 year.

Required Documents for Signing a Lease

Typical documents required to sign a lease are a valid passport and proof of employment.

Standard Security Deposit

The security deposit is equivalent to a minimum of 5 month´s rent. Some landlords may request 6-7 months rent. These monies have to be deposited in local currency at the state-owned mortgaging bank in the landlord’s custody until the lease end date and is returned to tenant. If there are damages in the property or unpaid utility bills, this will be deducted from the security deposit.

Local Norm for Returning the Security Deposit

The security deposit is returned within 30 days of the lease termination and once all repair costs are applied

Rental Commission

Should you utilize the services of a real estate agent to help you in your search, agencies usually collect rental commission equal to 2 months’ rent plus 22% Value-Added Tax (VAT).

Payment of Rental Commission

Payment of the agent’s rental commission is typically split between the tenant and landlord.

Accepted Method of Payment

Wire transfer, cash or check in local currency (pesos) acceptable methods of payment.


School Registration

School Fees

Fees vary by school and generally change each year.

Accepted Method of Payment

Most schools require payment to be made in either pesos or USD, via wire transfer or check.


Obtaining a Driver’s License


Typical documentation required to obtain a driver’s license include:

• Uruguayan ID card
• Home country valid driver’s license that indicates vehicle you are approved to drive (if not in Spanish, a translation into Spanish by an approved translator is required)
• If home country license does not advise approved vehicle type, a certificate from home country’s embassy or consulate would be required.
• Local health certificate obtained at specifically authorized medical facilities (ear and eye only)
• Corresponding stamp tax payment

Additional Notes

Uruguayan driver’s license is typically issued immediately.


Opening a Bank Account

Required Documents

In order to open a bank account, you may be asked for:

• Uruguayan ID
• Employment letter
• Proof of address
• Letter from your original bank where you currently have funds, stating how long the account has been open.
• 3 Uruguayan references

Additional Notes

According to Uruguayan law, employees must receive their salaries electronically. It’s the local company’s responsibility to open a bank account.