Have lots of stuff? Stressed about the amount of things you have to organize, pack, unpack, get rid of? Consider our preferred provider, an organization with a network of over 200 professional organizers, which provides in-home, pre- and post-move services to get your home in working order, whether you’re leaving for a new assignment or returning from your latest one.

Services offered include:

Discard and Donate: Have a certified professional organizer assist in preparing for your move by helping you decide on wanted and unwanted items. The unwanted items are then donated to organizations within your community.

Settling-In Assistance: Get help unpacking and putting away items when you arrive at your new destination.

More Solutions: The provider also offers additional services, which include: serving as project managers the day you receive household goods; providing cleaning services for move in/move-out times; and purchasing groceries and stocking your home on the day of your arrival.